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Tū Toa 2024 

Māori are expert innovators, creators and community builders. We are fortunate to have many outstanding Māori success stories. But what is it about some of these amazing successes that are uniquely Māori? How can we as a community take the mātauranga from some of our most successful leaders, and the innovation they are leading, and apply that to our future planning for success? 

Join us at a conference like no other, Tū Toa 2024, where we will hear success stories from Māori leaders, and navigate Māori success together, generating insights and lessons throughout the day.

 In an interactive workshop during the conference participants will have a chance to wānanga about the kōrero of the day. 

With the keynote addresses, the mātauranga from the workshop will become part of a published report on the conference: Tū Toa 2024: Navigating Māori Success. This report will inform conversations about the value add of mātauranga Māori informed Māori success, both in Aotearoa and globally, as societies grapple with colonisation and seek new pathways to more indigenous inspired futures. 


Join us to capture and explore a unique moment in Aotearoa history. 


Generation after generation, knowledge is passed down like waves. At Tū Toa 2024, we will gather this knowledge and use it to have a greater impact in our whānau, hapū, iwi and communities. By attending and contributing, you can become one of the waves of impact. 


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