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  1. Rangatiratanga for Life 2022: Becoming the CEO of Yourself

  2. Treaty Based Organisational Training


Rangatiratanga for Life 2022: Becoming the CEO of Yourself 

Full day (9am-5pm) course

The vision I have for my next five years is "rangatiratanga for life". Being able to live and work on my own terms. For me, now, paradise is a state of being, not a place, or a thing. My goals now focus on how I want to be in my life. I know, to some of you out there that may sound like sacrilege. In our Māori world paradise is a place - our tūrangawaewae - where our pepeha are grounded. I know, live and love that. And I want more for myself and other people.


Matariki, Māori New Year, is a time to reflect, plan and prepare for the year ahead. From 2022 it will be a national holiday, ensuring this part of the Māori calendar is uplifted to the national radar. More and more New Zealanders will be learning about Matariki moving forward as the new holiday is embedded into the New Zealand psyche. Whenever you undertake it, whether it is in January or June / July, an annual review process is a useful activity in our personal planning processes.

Our day together is shaped by tribal vision and informed by Māori teaching / learning styles (tuākana / tēina, ako and wānanga). Anyone can do the programme, I've been using this approach for over 30 years now, with diverse groups. I'm just being upfront and letting you know how I roll.

The day is designed to stretch and grow you! In the whakatauākī of Tā Apirana Ngata (Ngāti Porou), E tipu, e rea, he exhorts us to 'grow and flourish'. Grow and flourish! More than survive, get by, do ok. Flourish! This day will explore ways to fully engage with the beautiful moemoeā (vision) this whakatauākī speaks to.

We are meeting in this way to honour mātauranga Māori. To be immersed in ancestral Māori ways of knowing, doing and being. You will join a small group of people to explore how to draft a plan for yourself for the year ahead. You may like to think about how the day can help you align your professional work based objectives (often expressed as KPI’s) with your personal vision, mission and goals.

The aims of the seminar are:

  1. To host a mana ake wānanga exploring your unique future;

  2. To bring together a group of people interested in creating rangatiratanga in their lives;

  3. To draw from mātauranga Māori to support participants to create a 12 month personal strategic plan;

  4. To facilitate learning using Māori learning and teaching styles;

  5. To connect people to the power of lifelong learning; and,

  6. To add to the network of dedicated, Treaty based nation builders who have the goal of 'Becoming a CEO' on their radar for themselves or someone they know, whether that be at the personal, whānau, hapū, iwi or organisational level.

Each time the seminar is run there is a sponsored place available in the group. If you wish to be considered for this place please send us a message below.

Treaty Based Organisational Training

Full day (9am-4pm) course

This is a workshop session designed to support organisations on their Treaty Based Organisational journey. Opportunities abound at an organisational level, in terms of Treaty Based Organisational Development, and at a personal level, in the area of cultural capability building.

Moving forward there will be increased expectations of how the Crown Sector will manage the business of government in the Treaty space.

The PSA 2020 created a legislative space for Te Tirohanga Māori through the inclusion of the Treaty of Waitangi and mātauranga Māori. The passing of this legislation created a watershed moment in the journey of the Crown sector in Aotearoa NZ.

How prepared is the sector? This workshop is designed to help people work through the personal and organisational implications of the changes.

The aims of the seminar are to:

  1. Examine empathy, aroha and manaakitanga in our business practices.

  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the role of cultural literacy in modern workplaces.

  3. Demystify the significance of life-styles (access to language and culture) and life-chances (access to power and opportunity) in people’s health and well-being.

  4. Gain an understanding of best practice from organisations which are already on their Treaty Based Organisational Development journey.

  5. Explore the role of Te Tiriti / The Treaty of Waitangi in nation building.

  6. Synthesize principles of how to develop Gold Standard Treaty Partners.

This course is also available through Kāpuhiuhi - Victoria Uni Professional.

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